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How Sizzlin Stir Fry Started

After years of being champions in the Chettinad cuisine, our customers have been asking us to serve them Asian Fusion cuisine in our restaurants. Taking their request forward and our vision to become No.1 in this cuisine, we are now opening in BrierCreek as the first restaurant serving Asian Fusion Food to bring a unique culinary experience for your family and friends.


Best Asian Fusion Cuisine in Town

We are so excited to launch our Asian Fusion Menu for you. You can easily expect the best service and an elaborate list of dishes you’ve craved for all along.

Quality ingredients

Expect the best of fresh and natural ingredients in your dishes sourced daily from the farm markets

Elaborate Menu

Get served a range of soups, entres, appetizers, sizzlers, main course, kids menu and desserts that encompass the best of Chinese and Asian fusion cuisine
Best Chinese restaurant in Raleigh

Authentic Flavors

The most authentic flavors of Chinese or Asian Fusion cuisine, preserving the integrity of true Chinese cooking

Top-notch Service

The legend of Chinese and Asian Fusion cuisine serving is with the best of service and this is one of our main mantras
Asian Fusion Cuisine

Get Free Delivery!

As we are well-known for our food, we are busy throughout the day. So, we are happy to deliver as well when you are hungry.

Call: (919) 6666-257