The History of Indo-Chinese Food

Have you ever tried spicy hakka noodles? The namesake for the Indo-Chinese dish, which is a Sizzlin’ Stirfry specialty, comes from the language spoken by the first Chinese settlers in Kolkata. Yang Tai Chow was the first recorded Chinese person to immigrate to India and with him came many other Chinese immigrants who spoke the language. After they arrived Chinese settlers who spoke Cantonese also immigrated to what was then Calcutta, increasing the diversity within the North-Eastern city.

The Chinese workforce in Kolkata was made up of dentists, beauticians, tanners, cobblers, cooks, and many other occupations. Everyone worked hard to do their part in helping Kolkata flourish. Chinese immigrants also assimilated into the culture, taking on many Indian traditions. In religious rituals, the Chinese community would offer food from their homeland such as rice and noodles, to Kali, the goddess of time and death, starting the idea of Indo-Chinese food. Although this was one of the first times we saw this match made in heaven, many historians also believe that the roots of Indo-Chinese food lie within the story of the Silk Road, a popular trade route from around 130 BCE that went through both China and India. Regardless of the origins, one of the first Indo-Chinese restaurants is still standing in Kolkata today, Eau Chew, which means “Europe” in Chinese. It was opened by Chinese immigrants and was the first of its kind, selling food with traditional Chinese flavors and Indian ingredients.

The spicy and fresh flavor was evidently very popular. Many more Indo-Chinese restaurants opened up in Kolkata and spread throughout much of India. With dishes such as veg dry manchurian, chili paneer, fried rice, and spicy hakka noodles, Indo-Chinese food lives on now with a rich and deep history. Even in Raleigh, North Carolina, you can get the amazing combination from restaurants such as Sizzlin’ Stirfry. Order now at or call (919) – 666 – 6527 to try a magical fusion of Indian and Chinese flavors.

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