The Perfect Family Meal for a Budget

Family meal

Family Meal

Sizzlin’ Stirfry is now open and we are here to give you guys the best food in North Carolina for the best prices. We are offering free delivery on orders of $50 or more and 10% off using the code 10OFF. Here are family meal ideas we recommend for a family of 4-5 looking to stick to around $50 and check out our Order Online Link for ordering delicious asian food.

For your kids, we have plenty of options that are yummy and great for anyone a little picky. We know how difficult it can be to get good food into your kid’s bodies but with our kid’s menu, there are plenty of options perfect for feeding them. To know more about our menu, visit this page

Kids Noodles Veg ($8.99)

These vegetarian noodles are full of nutrients and amazing for anyone a little picky. The veg noodles include lots of veggies with noodles that are flavored to perfection. A great choice for kids and anyone who isn’t feeling too hungry.

Kids Noodles Chicken ($9.99)

The chicken noodles are just as good as the vegetarian noodles if not better with the addition of our fresh chicken that is an amazing source of protein. With the chicken noodles, you’ll be sure that your kids and you are getting a meal to help you stay energized throughout the day.

Now for you, we have a variety of options for both vegetarian and nonvegetarians. You’ll be sure to get authentic Chinese food. We’ll start with an appetizer you won’t forget.

  1. Our somas which come in chicken, beef, and vegetarian options are seasoned to make it the best meal you’ve had. Then they’re wrapped and deep fried for a rich and indulging dish that you’ll definitely love.

After you’ve had somas then you can have your main meal. We have 2 amazing options but if you want to look at our whole menu visit

  1. Szechuan Chicken is chicken stirfry cooked in our specially prepared szechuan sauce which is full of spice and zest. With lots of garlic and chili peppers we bring to you the unique flavor of the sichuan pepper and it’s only for $15.99.

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